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Repair Services

Pick from our most popular repairs or request a custom order.

Full Repairs

A full repair is a heel to toe refresh for worn down shoes. It provides an excellent ‘new’ like feeling and effectively restarts the clock on the shoe’s lifetime. 

Clean & Maintain

Minor repairs and cleaning options to maintain and refresh your leather goods.

Request a Custom Quote

Not sure what kind of repair is needed for your shoes or handbags? 

How It Works

Ed Photo_edited.jpg

Curious about who will be working on your shoes?

Meet Ed Harytyunyan

A master Cobbler who owns David’s Shoe Repair in Boston. Ed has worked in the trade for over 25 years after arriving in the US from Armenia in 1997 and immediately started fixing and repairing shoes and leather goods. In addition to repair he is also trained in shoe fitting, custom shoe making, and orthotics.

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