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Men's boot repair

Build your custom repair from the sole up. Base repair price includes resole to match existing sole and basic shoe shine. Further customize your repair with the following options:


  • Resole Material: 

    • Premium Rubber (Dainite brand) (+$25)

    • Premium Leather (JR brand) (+$35)

    • Match Existing Sole ($0)


  • Protective Sole Add-on (for leather resoles only): Adding protective soles to your shoes will increase their longevity and protect the leather sole. Pro tip: This solution will stave off resoles of any kind for years.

    • Rubber - for leather resoles only (+$30)

    • No Protective Sole


  • Upper Condition: address scuffing, discoloration, needs for adhesives or dyes, and other damage

    • Minor - just needs a clean & shine (+$0)

    • Medium - some visible wear & scuffing (+$25)

    • Major - SOS! significant scuffing & damage (+$45)


  • Zipper: replacement of broken zipper

    • Replace Zipper (+$75)

    • No Zipper Replacement


  • Add-Ons: customize your repair further with these additional options. Note: Toe taps only needed with leather resoles. Do not select for rubber resoles or with protective soles.  

    • Plastic Heels or Toe Taps (+$20)

    • Plastic Heel & Toe Taps (+$35)

    • Metal Heel or Toe Taps (+$60)

    • Metal Heel & Top Taps (+$90)

    • Waterproofing Spray (+$10)

Men's Boots

  • Please note that once Coblrshop receives your shoes, we may need to adjust the price (up or down) based on our own assessment of the repairs needed. We will always let you know if this is the case. 

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