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Orders over $150 get free roundtrip shipping

How It Works

  • What is a full repair?
    We’re categorizing a full repair to include work on all aspects of the shoe: sole, heel, toe, upper, with shine and cleaning. A full repair is a resole from the toe all the way back to the heel block. It also includes a reheel. It provides an excellent ‘new’ like feeling and effectively restarts the clock on the shoe’s lifetime. Please be aware that this will remove any embossed branding on the original sole.
  • How are costs calculated?
    Shoe repair is complicated and prices can range from $20 to replace a heel cap to $375+ for a full repair of a men’s dress shoe. We have taken the cost of material and labor into consideration and have then priced competitively for the repair options listed. The shoe repair industry has historically lacked pricing transparency, we're aiming to change that with clear and fair pricing.
  • What is cobbling?
    Glad you asked! Cobbling is one of the world’s oldest professions. Originally, cobblers made custom shoes, but that has greatly evolved to repairing and restoring quality shoes as well as other mostly leather goods like bags, belts, gloves, and luggage. Cobblers are problem solvers and every shoe is like a puzzle. It’s a creative trade and cobblers are true artisans.
  • Why should I repair my shoes?
    Well made shoes (leather or high quality materials, hand-stitched) should be repaired. It is much more economical to repair than to replace. Also, due to the way shoes are worn (in constant contact with rough surfaces, protecting feet, bearing weight), they get worn down much faster than clothing, but repairs get them back to new in both function and aesthetic.
  • Can I send in more than one pair of shoes?
    Yes! If you are like us, you have a bag filled with shoes that need some TLC. Feel free to send more than one pair of shoes. We just ask that you place the appropriate amount of repair orders online.
  • How large are your mailers?
    They are large! They measure 19” x 24. Feel free to place shoes in a box (and put the box in the mailer) if the extra protection would make you feel more comfortable. If your items don’t fit in the bag for any reason, just affix the label from the bag onto any larger box you have available. A good way to reuse those Amazon boxes!
  • Are shipments with Coblrshop insured?
    Yes, we have round trip package protection for shoe shipments.
  • Can I use Coblrshop from outside the US?
    ​Currently, we do not ship internationally. However, please subscribe to our mailing list here and we will reach out to you when we've added international shipping.
  • What if I only want a small repair like a single heel?
    We currently offer a la carte options like the heel tip bundle to repair multiple heel tips, shoe shine bundle, as well as customer orders for smaller repairs. We are fully aware of the many fixes for shoes of all shapes and sizes and can address minor repairs or unique orders via a custom order. Just send us a chat or email at and we can get a custom order started. If you think there is something missing, please drop us a note! Much more to come!
  • Do you only repair shoes?
    We currently offer (6) straight forward repair options, a la carte options if you don't need a full repair, and custom quotes for handbag repair and unique shoe repairs. If you have a specific need or question, feel free to reach out at or chat with us with a question or for a custom quote
  • What if a cobbler has a question or alternate repair solution for my items?
    ​Our team will contact you directly by email and/or phone if we need to discuss your order for any reason.
  • What happens if my shoes cannot be repaired?
    Our cobblers have a lot of experience reviving well-loved and worn-down shoes. However, there may be circumstances where a pair of shoes cannot be fixed in a way that meets our high standards. If our cobbler is unable to repair your shoes, we will let you know and send the shoe back via UPS, free of charge. We will also refund you for the repair. If you have any concern about repairability, please reach out to us at
  • Why should I get protective soles?
    Adding rubber protective soles to your shoes will increase their longevity and protect the leather sole. We fit our protective soles in a color that matches the outer edge of the shoe.For you savvy consumers, this solution will stave off resoles of any kind for years. We recommend getting protective soles put on brand new shoes and after a resole.
  • Is there anything you don't repair?
    We are committed to repair over buying new, however, due to the nature of some materials we cannot repair everything, but we will do our best to find creative and elegant repair solutions. Shoes and items made with plastic / pleather often cannot be fixed. While we do repair patent leather shoes, there is certain damage on patent leather that cannot be repaired. Fabric on shoes and bags can often be cleaned, but rips and holes typically cannot be fixed with fabric (matching exact fabric is very difficult). We can offer elegant leather patches to cover worn down fabric areas. We can fully replace the fabric interior of handbags. If you are unsure, please send us some photos of the item you want repaired and we can let you know if and how we can help.
  • Where are you located?
    Coblrshop serves shoe and handbag lovers across the US. Our repair team is based in Boston.
  • How long does a repair take?
    Getting your leather goods back to you in a timely manner is a priority for us. However, there are some repairs that are more complex and and require more time. For straight forward repairs like resoles and a la carte repairs, turnaround time is typically 2 weeks upon receipt of your items at Coblrshop HQ. For Handbag repairs and more complex shoe repairs, turnaround time will be 3-6 weeks. In some cases, we need to order specialty materials, which can also cause further details. However, we will communicate the timing and any delays, so that you are always in the know about the status of your leather goods.
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