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YSL women's heels repair

Build your custom repair from the sole up. Includes everything from kitten heels to stilletos. For high heel boots, check out our boot repairs. Base repair price includes rubber half-sole and minor cleaning of uppers and/or heels. Select from the following options:


  • Resole Material

    • Leather  (+$20)

    • Rubber (+$0) - included in base price


  • Upper Condition: Address scuffing, discoloration, needs for adhesives or dyes, and other damage. 

    • Minor - just needs a clean & shine (+$0)

    • Medium - some visible wear & scuffing (+$20)

    • Major  - SOS! significant scuffing & damage (+$40)


  • Heel Condition: replace heel cap and address scuffing and other damage; does not include broken heels. 

    • Minor - basic cleaning (+$0)

    • Medium - some scuffing & wear / new heel caps (+$20)

    • Major - SOS! significant scuffing & damage (+$40)



**  For heels that are broken or have leather missing, please reach out to us for a custom quote or select the Heel Restoration service

*** Discolored/significantly damaged patent leather requires a custom quote due to the finicky nature of the material.


Women's Heels

  • Please note that once Coblrshop receives your shoes, we may need to adjust the price (up or down) based on our own assessment of the repairs needed. We will always let you know if this is the case. 

How It Works

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