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Why Protective Soles?

Updated: Mar 20

A deeper look in to why protective soles are crucial preventative care for your shoes.

Did your Cobbler suggest protective soles or did you see it as an a la carte option on our website and you are wondering why you should get protective soles?

What are protective soles?

Protective soles are important preventative maintenance for all shoes. There are all types of protective soles from high-gloss signature red protective soles for your Louboutins to simple black rubber for a pair of flats or sandals.

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Protective soles come in various colors

Protective soles are placed on top of leather soles in order to protect that original leather sole. And at Coblrshop, we always try to match the protective sole color as close as possible to the color of your shoe.

When should I get protective soles for my shoes?

We recommend getting protective soles added after each resole to protect the new leather soles. The best is to put protective soles on your shoes immediately after purchase. We understand this is hard, because once you get a new pair of shoes you want to wear them immediately! If you can delay gratification, get protective soles before you wear your new shoes. This protects the original sole from damage and helps you avoid full resoles for years. Without protective sole on your shoes, the original sole is worn down and if there is too much damage it will require a complete resole of the shoes, which is more costly than a protective sole repair.

Pro tip: this solution will stave off resoles of any kind for years.

If you have shoes that need protective soles, please select the protective sole option in the repair menu.

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